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Purchase an ad online for the 2015 Purple Pages

The Purple Pages are a digital and print publication that raises money for Job’s Daughters in Arizona. You can purchase your ads online this year. Please fill out the form below AND submit payment to Arizona Job’s Daughters with PayPal.



To take advantage of the full page discount, you may want to go in on an ad together with a friend.

2-Page Spread Horizontal (10” x 8”) – $175
Single Page Vertical (5” x 8”) – $100
Half Page Horizontal (5” x 3.75”) – $75
Quarter Page Vertical (2.25” x 3.75”) – $50
1/8th Page Vertical (2.25” x 2.25”) – $25
Patron Ad (name of contributor) – $5+

EMAIL with your ad design


Let US design your ad. Please specify in the form below if you would like us to design your ad or if you will be doing it.


All raster art must be at least 300 dpi at 100%. All fonts must be embedded. Please submit hi-resolution PDF files only.


  1. Fill out the form and click Submit
  2. Select your ad size again and click the Pay Now button
  3. Enter your payment information on PayPal
  4. Send your design to or have us design your ad


Your name:*
Ad size:
Daughter name:
Want us to design your ad? Tell use what it should say. Include any other notes here.

Please submit payment by selecting your ad size and clicking “Pay Now.”

Select ad size for payment



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Your Mind Is a Garden!

Bethel 13 Installation (896)

Bethel 13’s Outgoing and Incoming Honored Queen, with the installing officers for the evening.

Bethel 13’s Installation marked the end of this term’s installation season on January 16th at the Mesa Lodge!

The outgoing Honored Queen, Christine Hudson, Served as the Installing Officer for the evening. The Elected officers that were installed were Emma DeKorte as Marshal, Rachelle Mathews as Guide, Rose Robinson as Junior Princess, Valentine Sargent as Senior Princess, and Alyssa Houseman as the Honored Queen for the ensuing term.

The installation was filled with flowers; and the theme and motto for the term is:

“Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds.”

which is a reminder that our positive thoughts can become positive things!

Bethel 13 Installation (321)

Newly Installed Honored Queen, Alyssa

The coin march for the installation went towards the charity for this term: UMOM New Day Centers.

Bethel 13’s installation was beautiful! The Jobie-to-bee’s helped light the electric candelabras on each side of the altar, which were decorated with flowers. Scottsdale DeMolay assisted in performing an Honor Guard for the Installation as well. After the installation, there was a reception!

Bethel 13 meets at the Mesa Lodge every 1st and 3rd Friday at 7:00pm. For more information, Please visit Contact Us.

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2015 Term Competition!!

In conjunction with our term theme announcement, we would also like to announce a term competition!


When a girl attends a Masonic Sponsored event above and beyond their own bethels, they will have the opportunity to accumulate points to win prizes!


This contest is open to Petitioners (potential members with a petition submitted) and Arizona Job’s Daughters that are not involved in running the system. (MAJD, JMAJD, and anyone assisting in running this program are not eligible to participate)

MUST Include what event it was, for what Masonic body, and one of the following:

-description of the event

-your favorite thing about the event

-something cool you learned

-someone cool you met

If you are not using The Miss and Jr. Miss Facebook Page for your entry, you MUST tag #AZJDI AND #LevelUpAZJDI

If you do not adhere to the requirements above, your post will be disqualified. If anyone cannot participate due to safety reasons, exceptions can be made.


Any post=2 points.


If a picture is posted, everyone in the picture will receive the same amount of points. This applies if you are mentioned or tagged in someone’s post, as well (but please don’t abuse this rule).

Pictures must be Jobie appropriate, but feel free to have fun with them! (We ARE representing Job’s Daughters!)

If posting to anything other than:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook (MAJD & JMAJD page)
  • Instagram
  • AZJDI website

Such as Vine, YouTube, Tumblr, Please Let Me Know! Other website use is encouraged :)

In order to get a media release form, please contact your Bethel Guardian!

For YouTube videos, you may include the criteria above either in the video or in the description on the video. Then post the link on either the MAJD & JMAJD Facebook page, or on the AZJDI website!


Add ons:

+3 for a picture/video

Postings to other networks give you more points, so feel free to use the same post on different sites (tags still apply, however duplicates on the same site do not count)


+2 if your picture has the presiding officer of the group hosting the event (With their permission!)

+5 if it is a Masonic adult group’s function

+3 if it is another Masonic youth group’s function

+1 for each additional bullet point you include in your “description”

(2 out of 4, +1;  3 out of 4, +2;    4 out of 4, +3)


By doing this we are:

-promoting jobs daughters on popular social media

-encouraging visits to other Bethels/ Assemblies/Chapters/Lodges/etc.

-having a fun competition for girls to earn prizes :)


At randomly selected events this term, the top point placeholder, or top 3 placeholders will win a prize!

At the end of the term, the top 3 winners will receive prizes as well!


Have fun, and Good Luck!

Breanne Mueller and Kyra Rial

MAJD & JMAJD 2014-2015

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