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Ritual Competition Surveys

Good Afternoon Girls and Adults of Arizona! :)

In order to get fresh feedback from you all before you forget, I have a couple surveys for those of you who participated in ritual competition this year. Not only would participating help give suggestions to pass to the next Ritual Competition Chair Member, but it is an opportunity to change what you did not like, and strengthen what you did!

Judges who participated in this year’s competition, you can take the survey here.

Those who competed or were involved in any way, (even adults who did not judge ), you can take the General Ritual Competition Survey here.

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April’s Woman Who Makes A Difference


April’s woman who makes a difference is Kaileigh Walker

Every young lady in Arizona Job’s Daughters is a woman who makes a difference. One daughter who has stood out this year is Kaileigh Walker.

-Kaileigh joined Bethel 19 in 2006
-Kaileigh started a fantastic term as Honored Queen of Bethel 19 on December 19, 2009
-Kaileigh was served as Junior Miss Arizona Job’s Daughter 2010-2011 with a theme of Go Green, promoting recycling and environmental awareness
-Kaileigh was installed as Grand Bethel Senior Princess
-Kaileigh became State Bethel Honored Queen in June 2013

Why Kaileigh Walker matters:
Kaileigh has faced a lot of challenges the last few years in Job’s Daughters. She has overcome these challenges with grace and dignity. After Arizona received our charter back from being suspended in 2009, Kaileigh was installed as Grand Bethel Senior Princess in hopes of advancing to Grand Bethel Honored Queen.

Although our Grand Guardian Council Charter was revoked by the 2012-2013 Supreme Guardian, Kaileigh remained faithful to the order and took an active part in our newly formed State Bethel as State Bethel Senior Princess. In June 2013, she was crowned State Bethel Honored Queen. She planned a beautiful installation and worked with the adults and daughters of the state in creating a State Bethel that would bring the state together and promote membership growth. Kaileigh has traveled around the state this year, sharing stories of inspiring women with all the Bethels.

Though Supreme Jurisprudence recently made the decision that State Bethels are not allowed to exist in Bethels under Supreme, she has held her head high and acted with poise and grace. Kaileigh has been an excellent leader and a fantastic role model. Kaileigh has shown us what the young ladies of this state are capable of, that they are strong and determined, that they are compassionate and brave. I am very proud of Kaileigh and all the girls in this state for facing the obstacles in their way with courage and determination. You truly are the fairest in all the land.

Jobie Love,

Jesse Stegen

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March’s Woman Who Makes a Difference

“If you had the chance to change your fate, would you?”


Marchʼs “Woman Who Makes a Difference” is daring, bold, and adventurous.

Please welcome……Merida!

Merida stars in the Disney movie, “Brave” and was picked for this month for several
reasons. Hereʼs her story:

•Princess Merida is 16 years old and lives in Scotland. She  has three younger triplet brothers (Harris, Hubert, and  Hamish) who are always up to something mischievous, she is very skilled in archery, and loves riding her horse, Angus.
•Merida doesnʼt want to be married and lose her freedom, something that she and her mother argue over. Her mother spends her time trying to teach Merida to be the perfect princess, but Merida just canʼt comply.
•Merida is upset and runs away from home, into a dark forest where she meets a witch. She asks the witch for something  to change her mother, but little does she know what “change”  is going to occur….her mother turns into a bear (oops)!
•Now, Merida must find a way to save her mother and  reverse the spell.
Yes, Meridaʼs story is a bit fictional, but the qualities for which she is admired arenʼt. She is no damsel in distress; she doesnʼt wait around for some prince to save her. Quite the opposite-Merida fights for her freedom from marriage! She is strong. She is daring. Also, Merida is able to learn from her
mistakes and realize when sheʼs wrong. This is a huge deal. It is hard to admit when we have messed up, and it is even more important to try and fix our mistakes. While trying to save her mother, Merida realizes how much she still has to learn from her, and how much she loves her. If you havenʼt seen this Disney film, I would strongly encourage it.

{“Yeah, Kaileigh, I mean….I guess itʼs a cool movie and all….but so what?”}

Hereʼs why she matters: she stood up for what she thought was right. But, she also recognized and admitted to her mistakes. In life, we all mess up from time to time. This is just part of being human. However, it takes someone really strong, courageous, and brave to admit that they messed up. It is important to take a stand against what you think is wrong. All of your opinions matter, and if you see a problem, you need to be bold enough to fix it. You are in charge of your fate-something that Merida points out-and therefore I encourage you to make good decisions, be
proactive, and lead your life  proudly. Be the change that you
wish to see. If we can take  Meridaʼs courage, boldness, and
sense of adventure, I think we  can all bloom, lead, and soar.

Jobie Love,
Kaileigh Walker
State Bethel Honored Queen 2013-2014

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